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from www.webster.com

Main Entry: tor·pid
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin torpidus, from torpEre to be sluggish or numb; akin to Lithuanian tirpti to become numb
1 a: having lost motion or the power of exertion or feeling :
DORMANT, NUMBb: sluggish in functioning or acting <a torpid frog> <a torpid mind>
2: lacking in energy or vigor :
- tor·pid·i·ty /tor-'pi-d&-tE/ noun

Main Entry: ag·ile
'a-j&l, -"jIl
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle French, from Latin agilis, from agere to drive, act -- more at
1: marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace
2: having a quick resourceful and adaptable character <an agile mind>
- ag·ile·ly /
-j&(l)-lE, -"jI(l)-lE/ adverb

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