About Us

The Torpid Team has been providing quality software since our founding in 2004. It is our mission to be as non-agile as possible. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to do absolutely everything different than eXtreme Programming adherents. 

Team Members

Fred S. has served as The Torpid Team. self anointed Grand Pubah since 2004.

Mindy S. has served as The Torpid Team. Vice Pubah since 2004.

Sean C. has served as The Torpid Team. Sergeant of Arms since 2004.


On December 21, 2004 “Torpid Team” was googled and came back with zero hits.

The Torpid Team web site was created on December 28, 2004.


Voted most likely to always be non-agile.

The first and last original thought ever.


World Torpid Alliance

Be Nice to Turtle Association

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